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Bible Literacy Series
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Love Offerings

PASS It ON! For the glory of God and the sake of precious souls, please bookmark this site and use it as a tool to win lost souls and as a ready, universally accessible resource to help you disciple and encourage other members of Christ's body as we look for His soon return.


EMAIL RECEIVED: best be careful.  You become what you focus on.  If you're focusing on what's wrong with everyone else, that's what you're going to become.
-a sister in Christ
Hi. What are you referring to specifically?
Good morning, Todd. This isn't an issue of whether what you're saying about people/ministries is right on or not and my intent wasn't to get into any discussion about any of them.  I don't even know who some of them are.  Specifically, my concern was for you.  

Todd, you are doing what you're doing for whatever reason you're doing it.  I think your motives are probably honorable-it sounds like you want to protect the body of Christ.  However, as you're doing it, that's what you're feeding on.  And because that's what you're feeding on, that's what you're going to become.  Just like in the natural, what we eat literally becomes a part of us, so it is in the spiritual realm.  What we consume becomes part of us.  Have you heard that true story of the Christian lady that opened a door at a party and there were two lesbians doing what lesbians do?  She was sickened and repulsed by what she saw, so much so that she couldn't get the picture out of her mind.  She eventually became a lesbian and left her husband and family.  That's what I'm trying to warn you about.  We become what we focus on.
I have a challenge for you for 2009.  Spend the first 6 months studying nothing but the love of God and the next 6 months studying nothing but what He has to say about "the heart" because out of it flow the issues of life.  Drink some pure, fresh water out of the word without contaminating it with other people's pollution.
By any chance, have you discovered that the more you get into critiquing other people's ministries, the more "uptight" you've become? 
God bless you, Todd 
Hello, You may think I am "up tight" by reading some of the things I write, and yet that can be misleading. There is usually much joy in this heart and only by the grace of Jesus. Was Jesus “up tight” when He went through the temple, cleaning out the house of God? It would be untrue for me to agree that I am "up tight." "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace..." and doing God's will by discerning between true and false, does not make one up tight - it's part of the calling from the One who had the greatest joy for hating iniquity and loving righteousness (Heb. 1:9).

In all love I must say that your diagnosis is misguided friend. If you will look on the ministry site, you will find that the expose materials are not 30% of what is available. Also, Paul said that he preached, warned, and taught the saints in order to prepare them for the return of Christ (Col. 1:28). To leave off any of these 3 vital components of mandated ministry is to be a disobedient servant and to leave the sheep of His pasture vulnerable (Acts 20:27-32). We are to "earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints." (Jude 3-4)

It is a divine mandate to expose or bring to the light heresies and heretics and for this there will be no forthcoming apology (Matt. 7:15-23; Rom. 16:17-8; Eph. 5:11; 2 Pet. 2:1-3; Jude 3-4). (I list these references for conscience toward God and men) No offense meant toward you.

Thank you for your encouragement to drink from the pure Word of God. Amen. Also, I would like to encourage and challenge you to feed on God's pure Word concerning your role as a woman in the body of Christ. It doesn't seem to be one of teaching, usurping authority over, or correcting men (1 Tim. 2:11-14; 1 Pet. 3:1-7). Prayer might be the safer route.

There is much to learn from the LORD as He works through women, but that is more taught than caught (by men). It doesn't seem biblical/godly for a woman to be taking it upon herself to correct men (according to the pure Word). Oh, and by the way, I am in no way offended that you wrote these things to me...just trying to be truthful in this response and see that we are operating according to the LORD's Word. He's coming soon. 

Peace, Joy, Love, and Blessings in Jesus, Todd
Hi Todd, I just visited your website and was scanning through it and I had a question for you: If you wouldn't mind me asking? My question is what denomination are you?  I know it sounds kind of odd, but a person does have to be careful about who he/she listens to concerning what the Word teaches.  Amy

You are so correct Amy ... I so agree – God’s Word agrees ... we must discern and be careful and try (test) every spirit (Ezek. 44:23; Matt. 7:15; 1 Jn. 4:1) ... I am non-denominational, clear of all entanglements of men (inasmuch as Christ has delivered me to date) and identify only with Jesus Christ and His true body ..... we are one body in Christ, blessed to love Him, and His Word/truth is final authority (Jn. 10:35; Rom. 3:4; Eph. 4:4-5)..... we are blessed to be found, apprehended, redeemed, forgiven, and waiting for His soon return.

In any way that anything on this site or in anything I have be led to write or speak is not in full and total accordance with God's Word (spiritually and doctrinally), please let me know .... if found to be in any way errant, it will be immediately altered or removed.

Acts 17:11 says "These (the believers at Berea) were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

if you wish to be on the ‘moments for my master’ email devotional list, let us know and you can be added .... this is to feed the flock of God.... Jesus is coming ... Blessings in Jesus, todd
Todd, You may not know me but i would like to get to know you better. I have read your books, purchased your tracks, support your ministry, Thank the Lord Jesus for you and pray for you often. Your ministry has had an impact on me and my family.” Mark C.

PASS It ON! For the glory of God and the sake of precious souls, please bookmark this site and use it as a tool to win lost souls and as a ready, universally accessible resource to help you disciple and encourage other members of Christ's body as we look for His soon return.

(Concerning the book titled Deceivers & False Prophets Among Us) - “Great work. Very convicting.” Katherine C.

“Hey there .... Just wanted to encourage you a moment! I listened to "Raised Up" on your website (audio message on AUDIO page), and I must say that the Lord has definitely blessed you my friend. I do not believe in flattery, but I sincerely want to say that you have an anointing in your message as well as your voice. I know you have been told you have a nice voice... well.. You DO! I'm amazed at how you don't miss a beat. It all just flowed very nicely and that makes it evident the Lord is speaking through you. The message was excellent!! Keep on Keepin on!! I am encouraged too! Time to go bury myself now and die. haha!! No... REALLY!” Alyssa

“Hey Todd! Just wanted you to know that I hold you responsible for my total exhausted today!    I checked out your website after we talked last night and did not go to bed until after 1:00am! Seriously, I just perused through topics last night until I could not keep my eyes open but I found it very interesting.  I am looking forward to reading more of your work.  The "once saved, always saved" issue has always been confusing to me.  I went to a Baptist private school in high school and was taught that there is basically no way to lose your salvation but then I would hear the opposite at church.  Can't wait to read your commentary on the issue. Where do you find the time to work, write, update the website and be a dad?  I am in awe of all you do and the depth of your faith. A girl needs her beauty sleep so I am off to bed.  Hope to talk to your soon!” Shelly

Hello, I would love to continue to receive your newsletters by way of email.  They have blessed me tremendously and I believe your ministry is awakening the body of Christ to the infiltration of the church by "wolves in sheep's clothing".  Thank you for being obedient to the Lord to "mark them which cause division". God Bless,” Derrick A.

“Thanks for the reminder.  It's refreshing to be told the truth rather than listen to some so-called spiritual leader use Hebrew, Greek, and Seminary credentials to twist and pervert scripture and tell us the Bible doesn't mean what it clearly says in plain English about what we're to be doing to be ready for His return.” Paul R. 

“I wanted to write to thank you and commend you for writing this book (Deceivers & False Prophets Among Us) to warn the Church of those among us in leadership who are deceiving and making merchandise of the flock. It is amazing how many warnings are in the Scriptures concerning these false leaders but how little there is preached or written about such. I do some teaching and writing and was in the process of looking into the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes. I am in the insurance business and on my way back from a business trip to Dallas I stopped by Christ for the Nations bookstore to see what, if anything, they might have on the subject. They didn’t have much so they started looking on the internet to see what they could find. Yours was the only book they came up with, so I ordered it. I’m glad I did…Your book was enlightening and confirmed our discernment of what was going on in our Church as well as some others we’re aware of. This is epidemic and your book is timely and relevant.” Paul J.

"As I stopped at a redlight two fireman approached my vehicle to collect offerings for their association. I gave them a LOSER tract and...... He came back and tapped on my window and said WOW!!!!!  This tract is AWESOME!!!!!!!!  The look on his face was priceless!!!  I just smiled and told them to enjoy it and have a great day.  As I was driving off I couldn’t help but look back and they were still reading it. I think the tract is awesome myself. I have been given many many gospel tracts over the years,  but these latest two tracts (LOSER and Diary of a Deadman)  are captivating and when I hand them out to people. I see the WOW look in their eyes and on their faces as they read them.” Brian I., TX

“Thank you and God bless your ministry. I am reading the book Lie of the Ages and it is awesome and I have been blessed greatly by it.” Barb K.

“Todd, Thank you for responding so quickly. I viewed your web site with great interest and read several articles already. I also referred your web site to a few friends who would welcome the truth. May our God continue to bless you and expand your ministry,” Elvin H.

“Good morning Todd, I just wanted to say what a tremendous blessing the meeting on Paltalk has been for me. I was reading in I Cor. 14 this morning, and just realized that I have never seen that chapter lived out in a church until now on paltalk - I am particularly speaking of verses 24-33. In other words, I've never seen 3 or 4 men instructing in their turn for the edification of the body, and all done peacefully and in order.  There is something about that that is so healthful for the body, and I am so full of the Word by the time I go to bed - having been instructed by several speaking "the oracles of God."  Each brings a unique perspective and a different way of speaking...but if one listens, one can hear the Lord in all of them...At the same time,  I am fairly confident that if a speaker leaves the revealed truth, the others will correct him, since they are "judging" his words, as the text commands.  That too is immensely comforting! Praise God for His abundant mercy toward us!  HE has caused waters to "break out" in the wilderness, and streams in the desert! The Lord Jesus bless and refresh you,” Melissa

Hello, I just read the article "Joel Osteen Exposed" and WOW I was reading the wrong book!  I just moved to Florida and I wanted to know if you could recommend any church's in the Brevard County area? Thank You” Lisa
RESPONSE: Hi Lisa, Glad you emailed. Yes Osteen is for sure a wolf. Well, we don't know about local gatherings of saints in your area but will pray with you to be joined with other true disciples who love divine truth. Check out Acts 1-4 in particular for the way the early believers and saints today are to worship. Are you on the email devotional list? Blessings in Jesus, todd

"Thank you for time on the phone today, and for your sincere care for me. Your friendship and prayers and counsel are a great gift from the Lord – to me, and to my family. I can relate to that scripture that says Satan hath desired to sift you as wheat. But, because of His mercy and blood, and longsuffering, and merciful kindness, I must share what He – in his great grace, has chosen to share with me – with His sheep.  For only He, can make me accepted in the beloved.  Oh, that I can share a part in the Savior’s blood. A thousand hymns will not be able to capture the greatness of HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT!  Let us press on towards the mark – one moment at a time, for there is no promise of tomorrow. Grateful for Calvary," C.S.

“I just had a supervisor in here to my office here at work.  I gave her your Spanish tract (I think it's 'Jesus Why did this man die on a cross?') as well as one of the English Diary of a Dead Man tracts.  She kept on reading them while she was in my office and laid them down but then, after leaving, ran back in and picked them up. I have great hope that it will be really well planted seed in her - as she is not only an unbeliever but also a lesbian.  Very nice lady, just lost as can be.” Sally M.

“Thanks so much for sending the book "Deceivers & False Prophets Among Us". To my surprise you wrote a prayer for me on the inside cover.  I covet your prayers and I will continue to pray for you and Becky to fulfill the ministry that the Lord has given you. Your prayer was right on the mark for my life to walk in the fear and grace of the Lord. The Lord is helping me to deny self and take up my cross and die to self daily.  I love the Lord and try to be obedient in all He speaks to me. I plan on reading your book right away. I am sorry that I cannot be in your PalTalk chat room on Monday nights. I work nights, but would love to be there. I listen to the teachings of Steve Lumbley and also Dan Mace so I am hearing the Lord’s Word. Thanks so much for speaking God's Word and warning God's sheep about the dangers of the false religious system. God Bless.” Rich G.

“The Lord has stirred me to send a copy of your 'Lie of the Ages' book to a local Baptist Pastor here in the Seattle area. I'm pretty sure he believes in OSAS, but he strikes me as someone who may be open to learning the truth about it. I pray that he will receive it with an open heart and search the scriptures.  I ordered a copy of the book some time ago and had it sitting on the shelf.  Now I know why the Lord wanted me to get it.” Paul K.

“Powerful Tracts! We need to get serious about ministering to the lost in "End times" ! These tracts are helpful and effective in getting to the hearts of people towards conviction, repentance, and Salvation!” Laurie H.

“I downloaded a few of your audio messages onto my ipod and listened to them on the plane.  I really enjoy your style of speaking and teaching especially all the Bible verse references.  I have never responded well to the preachers or speaks that speak in a ‘shouting’ tone.  Anyway,  your messages have been a real blessing.  Keep up the good work!” Shelly

"Having recently begun to receive your emails, I find them to be rich and encouraging. I am a pastor with nearly 50 years experience in preaching, teaching and writing and I like what I read on your website.  Keep up the good work! A thousand blessings be upon thee and thine! Yours, in pleasing Jesus,” D. R. Dean

“Greetings Todd, Becky, and Everyone at SGYS!! I pray all are well, ever abiding in God’s will. May His grace and mercy uphold you to continue this ministry he has called you into. Through prayer and support I will do my part to help this ministry fulfill the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. I Corinthians 3:9 says “For we are labourers together  with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.” We all have our part in God’s work, whatever that part might be. How important it is to be in the unity of the Holy Ghost. When we seek to be one in the LORD, wonderful things happen. Together we can do faithfully all that the LORD has for us to do as long as we are of one mind and one accord allowing the Holy Ghost to guide us each step of the way. God bless you all as we desire the unity of the Spirit to direct our labours. In Christ’s Love.” Adam M., LA

“Hi Todd! I have been passing out your JESUS tracts. I like Them…Everyone really likes them, including my son's teenage friends…God bless you Todd!” Chris A., WI

“You have very insightful articles, which I would really like to forward to friends. Thanks so much for your time.” Karen V.

“I will be praying for you and I love you alot bro.  You have ministered to my life so much the past several months and I am honored to call you my friend.  I know your heart and the heart you have for God and it’s just out of this world.  I have truly never met anyone that represents God the way you do and stand for Him.  Todd you are a rare breed of Christian,  I wish many more people were as such a go getter as you were.  The truth you instill in people is just awesome…I love you todd and am TRULY blessed to have you as my friend.” Brian

“Delusions, Hypocrisy, & Falling Away in the Church: This book addresses the hindrances experienced by non-believers who encounter blatant error that we so readily accept in the church today. I have not had the blessing to read such a timely scriptural confrontation of what we as a church are accepting as true and yet does not line up with the truth of God's Holy Word. A real eye opener! Kills sacred cows that have long needed to be removed from today's church world. Todd Tomasella hit a home run -- the people who need this just might not buy it - so buy one and give it to them!” P.J., TX

“Todd has addressed the number one issue of today’s Christian culture. A subtle enemy has been invading our Christian churches and lulling Christians to sleep. This book is a dynamic tool for the discerning Christian who wants to be an effective servant of the LORD.” Dan White

“I am simply astonished at your book.” Pastor Dave, AZ 

“I want to let you know that I have been praying for you…I’ve been planting those tracts all over the place.  That’s really fun…to know that someone out of all those who found a tract has the potential to be turned to Christ.” Brett. G., TX

“This author’s writings are centered on and driven by Scripture, with an end to save souls. In light of the author’s character and commitment to the truth wherever it leads him, I commend this book to you. I pray that God’s hand will guide the reader into all truth, and that the fruit of this work will find widespread circulation to the glory of the Lord.” Jeff P., ID

“Good morning…I was listening to my favorite preacher this morning and he mentioned having been saved by grace... I'm familiar with Ephesians 2:8 and am a "decent" "serious" student of the Word, but tried to find ‘sinners saved by grace’ in my various search methods... and ran across your presentation through google--uncovering the wealth that the Lord has graced you to share with the Body of Christ and the world in general. amazing! Thank you. Please add me to your list-serve/newsletter.” Byron, Washington, D.C.

“I love your new tract (HELL: Don’t Go There!)...Saw two guy's publicly give their trust to Jesus Christ...Thanks for such a wonderful tract Todd. I love you brother.” Byron Comfort, TX

“I read the Lie of the Ages book and I found this book easy to read. The thing I like more than anything is the repeat of important Scriptures on this topic. You remember things that way.” Tim, TX

“Thank you so much, Todd. I've read your book, Deceivers & False Prophets Among Us which blessed me beyond words. I am now reading Lie of the Ages (I'm on chapter 12). I'm just so grateful to have found your website and books - and I thank you for teaching God's pure truth. It's so critical to be in God's Word for ourselves and to test everything. What better way to truly know our God! OSAS is truly the lie of the ages. I pray the veil will be lifted for many as we speak the truth in love. God bless you immensely for your work!”  Laurie

“We exchanged information several months ago when I ordered the books, ‘Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us’ and ‘Lie of the Ages’, by Todd Tomasella. I have read the first book but am just getting started on the second. I find them very compelling, truthful and filled with biblical truth. I think the reason I was so drawn to Todd's writings was the fact that he supports everything with Scripture, he does not speak his own ideas or the traditions of man. I think much of what Todd reveals in his writings exposes the truth to the very thing Jesus spoke in Mark 7:8-9, ‘For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do. And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.’ Most of the departure from biblical obedience by the modern church, I believe, is identified in this Scripture. I applaud Todd wholeheartedly for his truthful and biblically based writings. May the Lord's blessings be rich in his life as he stands against deception.” Marlin Y. 

“I have been reading your book (Deceivers & False Prophets). It’s very good, and makes you think about where to go to church these days. Another hurricane, more earthquakes, and no one can see the real reason for all of these things happening.” Mike C., TX

“Thank you for the reminder of the awesome responsibility we have before our Holy God to reach those who are perishing.  Being entangled in the affairs of this life can overshadow the true purpose of our time on this planet.  You are a blessing to us who are fighting the good fight. Sincerely,” Rita S. 

“That is a great website! Thank you Todd. I greatly appreciate your ministry brother!” GA

“It is an excellent manuscript (Lie of the Ages) and I agree with you. I'm starting to soften my attitude, but not my doctrine with some people I disagree with on some issues. It is usually not the common people in the churches who are at fault, but the leaders and theologians who mislead them. God bless you, and thank you for your ministry, and for the newsletter. There are times when the battle seems so intense, and things seem so dark, and in some of these times your newsletter is a beacon of hope. We truly need to hold on to the end, we need to keep our crowns, He will carry us through the storm, God bless you and your ministry,” James F.

“Thanks for your wonderful article. Relying too heavily on books written by men is not advisable. Thank you also for all your links to info on Rick Warren. As a former member of a wonderful church that went Purpose Driven, I know how dangerous Rick and this movement are. Thank you for exposing his heresies to the world.”

“My father, who has since gone to be with the Lord, had a PhD in Psychology and it led him down a path that lead away from knowing Christ. Had he not been stopped in his life of sin by nearly becoming a vegetable he may never have learned to die to himself to find Christ Jesus as his Lord and Savior. One of the last things he told me was that the road to Jesus as Lord was not through psychology or any other power of the mind but through total death to self. In our weakness His power is perfected, Psychology is not of God therefore it is SIN!” Mark

“This site rocks!” B. I.

“Every Christian should read this book! It is a truly refreshing glimpse into a dark world of deception like none I have read. Anyone who seeks Truth will be blessed by the honest candor with which Todd Tomasella confronts the epidemic of heresies running rampant in pulpits all across America. This book is a clarion call to all who wish to honor their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The call is this: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33) Brother Tomasella is quick to point out that any other mindset leads us toward a path of deception and destruction. Seeking our Lord and living a life of righteousness should be our all-consuming passion, and Todd Tomasella gets it! I praise God for this work of admonishment to the throngs of ravenous wolves and their prey. I pray this work guides a multitude away from the fad publications polluting their minds, and back to the only Book that offers living hope, the living Word of God, so they may be overcomers in these last days. (Matthew 24:13)” Pastor Dave G., AZ

“I really appreciate what you do. Your love for the pure Word has exhorted me, encouraged me, rebuked me when I needed it, and fed me.  Thank you for diligently attending to rightly dividing the Word. We will be sending you some money by next week, just to say THANKS, and Keep up the good work!  My wife and I really appreciate you…a bunch! p.s. I met you about 20 years ago at International Bible College, in San Antonio.  I enjoyed your fellowship then, too. Though that was just for about a few hours.  That was a long time ago, so it might have been a little longer than that. It is you, that has encouraged ME, many many times, through your steady Consistent Presentation of God's marvelous Truths.” Chris S.

“Becky: I can't thank you enough for your response (explanation). I'm shocked that so many scriptures do not appear in the NIV. God bless you for all you're doing. I'm very grateful to you, Todd and A friend of mine is always using Romans 8:1 to me regarding a mutual friend who is living a sinful life. It's always left me aching and now I see she is not seeing the second part of that scripture.” Laurie

“Millions HAVE been searching and yearning for the truth, and some don't even realize it but WILL when God puts this book in their hands! Reading just the Scripture alone in this book will enrich your walk with Jesus. This book has CREATED a fear of God in me!" Becky P.

“Amen, Todd. You cannot be apostate, i.e., fall away unless you previously held to the teaching - which is why the "elect" may even be deceived. The false prophet(s) is not going to arise from OUTSIDE the church but from within and is, in fact, already quite pervasive. But Jesus also told us that He is the One who will separate the wheat from the chaff, etc.Nevertheless, because the Body of Christ is so not reading the Word, it should come as no surprise that people think that "secular progressives" are the enemy. Secular Progressives are the mission field; it's those who claim to know Christ but are sadly ignorant of the Bible that are allowing the enemy to deceive them into believing the vast array of false prophets that are among us.”

“Dreams can be a great tool for God to use to get something across to us! This dream is a good illustration of what it might be like for those who had pastors or other leaders that tended to sugar coat what they preached, not getting the whole truth across. And those not seeking it out for themselves. It is happening more and more as churches become more and more tolerant of the world and seek less and less of the truth that only God provides through his Word. You can't put all your faith and trust in a pastor or in any other man or man-made organization. You have to put all your faith in God Himself and seek Him for yourself! Don't just rely on Sunday service, get your bible out and read it firsthand! Thank God I found a pastor who is bold enough to tell people how it is! (Go Pastor Ron!) But overall, I trust the Lord, and I seek Him through His Word, not just through man alone. Everyone needs daily time in the Word and in prayer, alone. I can testify to that! I just don't get along very well throughout the day unless I give my first moments of the morning to Him. That really is the key to spiritual understanding and knowing God's will for each day.”

“Keep on writing those wonderful books because deception is all around us and many are blinded by the god of this world. May your hunger for more of Jesus and His truth continue propelling you toward the goal of our faith! What a Day that will be when our faith shall become sight and we behold face to face, our Lord, who purchased us with His own Blood and appointed us to be kings and priests of God, Most High. Brother Todd, have a wonderful and blessed day in Jesus! In Christ Jesus.” Marlin

“Greetings to all at SGYS!! I pray all is well there in Allen, Texas. It is a real joy to see those in ministry who stand for the whole truth. Who love others enough to warn them of their error and disobedience. Who want nothing more than to see those turn away from their sins and to fully trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to completely rule and reign in their lives. Praise the Lord! May the LORD’s will be done in all your work in bringing others to CHRIST. Please accept this offering to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your fellow servant in Christ,” A.M., LA

“Thanks again for the opportunity to assist with your ministry. I'm so grateful for your books and web site making John 8:36 even more alive to me. I'm free from the OSAS doctrine and so thankful to know/learn about the perverted bible versions that have entered the church. God's Word is truly amazing!If there is anything else I can help with - please let me know. I will be a regular supporter to your ministry.To God be the glory! It's been my absolute pleasure to be of any help to you and your wonderful ministry. God bless you!” L.S.

“I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of this. Your   ministry is an answer to prayer - I'm so blessed by your work - God   is so good and faithful. Your prayers also have touched me deeply. I'm praying for you.”  Laurie

“Good morning Becky, and thank you … I appreciate your prayer that my family be blessed. We need his mercy and grace every minute.  He has been so kind to give me two healthy children…and a wife…at my side.May the Lord also bless you and your family!  You are doing a very important work. I would imagine that you run into a few very appreciate people who are amazed at the truths you have dug up, and a lot of people who could care less, or who just call you names, and some that hate you.  That’s what I have found, as I have dug up many of the same things you have found out, over the last 17 years of study.  Don’t be discouraged.  Remember the prophets, God told them to speak to the rebellious house of Israel, whether they heard it or not, and He knew that most of them wouldn’t hear it.  But, as you know, you are after the ones out there, who will humble themselves, fear His glorious Word, and respond to the message in obedience.  They ARE out there, and God is using you to reach some of them. Your e-mails have strengthened me multiple times, during seasons of weakness, or dark valleys, and they have made me say or shout AMEN, during times of strength.  Just keep feeding the sheep, digging out His Truth, and working for that one all-important review… ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant’…and ‘Enter into the joy of thy Lord!’  Eternity is what matters. This life is a vapor. Thank you for your boldness and your perseverance. You are affecting lives for eternity. You have greatly affected mine, and I should have said something a long time ago. I apologize for my silence. Please forgive me. Be encouraged, my friends.  May the Lord guide you daily, May He give His angels charge over you, and may He keep you from every scheme of your adversary the devil and his workers. May the fullness of God’s  will for your ministry be accomplished, may your every message be perfectly aligned with His glorious Word, and may he bust open doors to get out that message that will surprise you.  Also, may he provide wonderfully for you, financially. He knows what you need.  Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” C. S.

“I just finished another chapter of Lie of the Ages this morning.  I am in awe over all of this. I was reading on the OSAS and Charles Stanley etc. …Just knowing that God used you to write all of this is out of this world.  I can tell this is going to be a remarkable book and will touch lots of lives.  I reflect back on past sermons I have heard from my previous church and how he (the pastor) would refer back to the guys you have talked about in this book so far.  I never knew the deception that was going on.  Thank you so much.  I am so blessed to have you as a friend.  I love ya and I will let you go.  I just wanted to share a little bit of this with you.” Brian I.

“Thanks so much for the Secrets From Beyond the Grave...that tract is so awesome! I can't wait to order them for our halloween outreach this year!”  Jeff F.

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