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Buy your copy today., Are you being deceived? Are there wolves in our midst?  Or, did Jesus lie when He told us that many wolves in sheep's cloting would be prevalent in the last hour and would  deceive many?  revelation, laodiceans, nicolaitanes

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Deceivers & False Prophets
Among Us

Riveting Insights into the Dark World of Deception
at Work in the Modern Church

304 pages

    Beware of False Prophets (read this chapter now)
    “The Leaders of this People Cause Them to Err” Isaiah 9:16
    The Biblical Case for Expos´┐Ż
    The Original Gospel
    “Mark Them” Romans 16:17-18
    Making Merchandise of You
    The Seeker-Sensitive Circus (Part 1)
    The Seeker-Sensitive Circus (Part 2)
    The Deeds & Doctrines of the Nicolaitanes (Part 1)

    The Deeds & Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes (Part 2)
    Earnestly Contending for the Faith

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    “I am simply astonished at this book.” Pastor Dave, AZ

    “Wonderful! Fabulous devotional…Out of the two books I got, I'm doing the smaller one first (Deceivers & False Prophets Among Us). I was so impressed that Todd said to have my bible out to use as a reference for back up and not just to take his word for it! -Because isn't that the very thing that the people in these false movements are doing?...Tell Todd I am truly enjoying that book and am not rushing through it at all. I really want what I'm reading to really soak in.” Sally M.

    “Todd Tomasella is a fellow warrior for the truth with a true shepherd's heart to protect the church from the grievous wolves and false prophets. In this book, the author shows step by step discernment principles and gives solid biblical proof that we should not ignore, but mark and expose false prophets. How many souls have been lost by the finances lavished on false prophets and the souls lost by their deceptions and damnable heresies?  Every true Christian should read this book and apply the truths in it.” Kelly P. Gallagher

    “Delusions, Hypocrisy, & Falling Away in the Church: This book addresses the hindrances experienced by non-believers who encounter blatant error that we so readily accept in the church today. I have not had the blessing to read such a timely scriptural confrontation of what we as a church are accepting as true and yet does not line up with the truth of God's Holy Word. A real eye opener! Kills sacred cows that have long needed to be removed from today's church world. Todd Tomasella hit a home run -- the people who need this just might not buy it - so buy one and give it to them!” P.J., TX

    “Every Christian should read this book! It is a truly refreshing glimpse into a dark world of deception like none I have read. Anyone who seeks Truth will be blessed by the honest candor with which Todd Tomasella confronts the epidemic of heresies running rampant in pulpits all across America. This book is a clarion call to all who wish to honor their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The call is this: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33) Brother Tomasella is quick to point out that any other mindset leads us toward a path of deception and destruction. Seeking our Lord and living a life of righteousness should be our all-consuming passion, and Todd Tomasella gets it! I praise God for this work of admonishment to the throngs of ravenous wolves and their prey. I pray this work guides a multitude away from the fad publications polluting their minds, and back to the only Book that offers living hope, the living Word of God, so they may be overcomers in these last days. (Matthew 24:13)” Pastor Dave Gaffney, AZ

    I have been reading your book (Deceivers & False Prophets). It’s very good, and makes you think about where to go to church these days. Another hurricane, more earthquakes, and no one can see the real reason for all of these things happening.” Mike C., TX

    “Todd has addressed the number one issue of today’s Christian culture. A subtle enemy has been invading our Christian churches and lulling Christians to sleep. This book is a dynamic tool for the discerning Christian who wants to be an effective servant of the LORD.” Dan White

    “Safeguard your soul today by agreeing to defeat Satan at his own game by relying on the power of Jesus…If you don't fully understand Satan's games, buy this book that outlines Satan's traps. It's a must read to gain the understanding of the battle we are in.” Ray M., TX

    “I ordered the books, 'Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us' and 'Lie of the Ages', by Todd Tomasella. I have read the first book but am just getting started on the second. I find them very compelling, truthful and filled with biblical truth. I think the reason I was so drawn to Todd's writings was the fact that he supports everything with Scripture. He does not speak his own ideas or the traditions of man…I applaud Todd wholeheartedly for his truthful and biblically-based writings. May the Lord's blessings be rich in his life as he stands against deception. Keep on writing those wonderful books because deception is all around us and many are blinded by the god of this world.”  Marlin Y.

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In this late hour, multitudes are being swept away in the tidal wave of spurious and deceptive teachings flooding the church world today. This book, Deceivers & False Prophets Among Us stands as a living and monumental witness, addressing the grave danger of deception, and establishing the need for sound Bible learning and teaching among the remnant of God’s people, lest we be led astray and destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6; Matt. 22:29; 2 Thess. 2:3, 10-12; 1 Tim. 4:1-3).

The present and historically resounding divine call is for the true remnant of Christ’s Church to heed the repeated warnings of Biblical revelation in these last days before our LORD returns.

In accessing the deception, the aim of this work will be
to cross examine the teachings of mere men in our midst against the Word of God (Acts 17:11). This we will do in obedience, to discover and uncover whether certain doctrines are true to the LORD, or contrary. In doing this, the false teachings and teachers can be identified and marked (Isa. 8:20; Rom. 16:17-18).

In the hour in which we live, the steady decline in doctrinal integrity and crass denial of biblical morality standards appear to strikingly parallel what the Holy Spirit foretold concerning the state of the apostate church world in the final days of this age.

As we soberly begin to personally peer into the Word of
God and look at the church world in this hour, we may
discover “seducing spirits” working insidiously and feverishly, utilizing “doctrines of devils,” to distort and tear down the true image and holy purpose of the living God revealed in Holy Writ. The image, nature, and will of the eternal God is what the enemy seeks to pervert, in the hearts of all humanity, namely among the saints of the most High (1 Tim. 4:1-6). His aim with these “damnable heresies” is to get men to worship at the altar of false gods, namely the altar of self-love as Lucifer did (Ex. 20:3-4; Isa. 14:12-15; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; 2 Pet. 2:1-3). Unrepentant and un-sanctified human agents have unwittingly (in many cases) answered the call of evil, as “deceitful workers.” (Phil. 3:1-3, 17-19) These doctors of deception have enlisted themselves due to self-service and self-will (in many cases), and work in our very midst as undercover emissaries of the evil one, cleverly teaching such things as are contrary to Holy Scripture and thereby leading multitudes astray. Many are unknowingly being taught by those whom the Holy Spirit warned us, “lie in wait to deceive.” (Eph. 4:14)

Our LORD clearly reveals to us in His Word that He would have each and every one of His people to be personally equipped to distinguish between the holy and the profane, and that all who lead should teach discernment, “rightly dividing the Word of truth.” (Ezek. 44:23; 2 Tim. 2:15; Heb. 5:11-14)

Every believer has the God-given resource, ability, and
opportunity to be equipped. Discernment is to be learned and taught throughou
t the body of Christ, and not relegated to be centralized to one particular ministry.

The Scriptures repeatedly warn us to keep ourselves in
God’s love and from the great falling away, which is well under way and coming on the wings of the widespread deception in the church world in these last days.

“For many (not a few) deceivers are entered
into the world, who confess not that Jesus
Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver
and an antichrist. Look
to yourselves, that we
lose not those things which we have wrought,
but that we receive a full reward. Whosoever
transgresseth, and abideth not (does not remain)
in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that
abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the
Father and the Son.” 2 John 7-9

Doesn’t God’s Word tell us that Satan has come down
with great wrath upon the inhabitants of the earth in this late hour, knowing his time is very short? (Rev. 12:9-12)

May the LORD Jesus Christ grant the “eyesalve” of His
discernment to the hearts of all who love Him in truth
– that we may clearly see what He so desires us to see and be kept in His love (Jude 21; Rev. 3:18).

In this volume we will purposely peer into what divine
Counsel reveals concerning deception and protection,
and attempt to review some of the specific errant doctrines and movements circulating within the Church world today in order to weigh these teachings, notions, and movements in the balance with God’s Word.

Identifying the counterfeit by investigating the authentic biblical article is the endeavor of every truth-seeking(Berean) believer who searches the Holy Scriptures to see what is true and what is false (Acts 17:10-11).

Friend, it utterly behooves us to awake to His
righteousness in light of the numerous warnings in order to identify and stay clear of deception and deceivers designed to derail the wise-virgin believer, disqualifying him from the heavenly prize (Matt. 25:1-13; 1 Tim. 4:1-3).

The literal epidemic of deception in the church world today testifies to the fact that we are in the final days before our LORD’s return and should all the more fervently take heed to the details of His frequent warnings. Our backdrop should also include the sobering truth of who it is for whom our LORD will soon return – “them that look for him” in the way they live (Lk. 21:34-36; Heb. 9:28).

“Unto them that look for him shall he appear
the second time without sin unto salvation.”
Hebrews 9:28

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Lie of the Ages
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Discover the age old falsehood responsible for the ruin of millions since the dawn of creation. Are you being deceived? What is the LIE of the Ages? Find out in this revolutionary new book.

The plan of our loving heavenly Father is to preserve those
who love Him in the refuge of His truth (Prov. 30:5; Acts
20:32). That is, to keep His people safe from the expansive
array of deceptions and deceivers that He warned us would
proliferate and explode upon the scene in the very closing
hours of this age. In fact, He forewarned us all that the end
would not come until there was first a great falling away:

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that
day shall not come, except there come a falling
away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the
son of perdition.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3

The intent of this writing is to assist the reader in his
diligent preparation for the LORD’s soon return and in
the exercise of discernment. Perhaps these are the most
treacherous yet exciting days of human history (2 Pet 3:12,14,17).

May I suggest that you read this book prayerfully and with your
Bible in place as a reference. For how can one discern
if this writer is leading in the way of truth if he does not
investigate what is said against the holy, divine standard?

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

todd tomasella

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